How to Boost Productivity in Less Than 30 Days + CHALLENGE

How to Boost Productivity in Less Than 30 Days + CHALLENGE

To sign up to the Productive Penguins 30 Day Productivity Challenge to boost your productivity journey, scroll to the bottom for the sign-up link!

Okay. So you’ve clued yourself up on the basics of productivity You’ve gathered all the tools you need to get you in the zone.

What’s left? Applying what you’ve learnt!

The 30 Day Productivity Challenge

If you want to boost your productivity, the first step is to put some systems in place. This will take time if the concept of productivity is fairly new to you, so beginning as soon as possible is the key to keeping motivation levels high.

To help you out, we’ve designed a 30 Day Productivity Challenge that’ll kickstart and boost your productivity journey, and allow you to trial some of the popular systems you’ve been reading about.

We’re going to gently walk you through the top action steps you should take to increase your daily effectiveness, making them super easy to implement.

Here’s a sneak peek of the content we’ll be covering across the challenge:

30 day boost productivity challenge

How to Join the Challenge

Ready to get started? Here are your first steps:

  1. Join the waitlist for the 30 Day Productivity Challenge!
  2. When the Challenge opens, you will receive the first section of the Official Challenge Bundle, packed to the brim with all the resources you need to get through the set-up of your diverse productivity system.
  3. Click the link in your Welcome email to join the Productive Penguins Productivity Challenge Facebook group, so you can stay motivated and accountable with other Penguins in the tribe! We’ll be on board cheering you on and answering all your questions about making the most of the productivity systems and adapting them to your specific life needs.

We absolutely cannot wait to meet you. See you in the Challenge!


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