How to FINALLY Become an Early Riser

How to FINALLY Become an Early Riser

One of the hardest habits to pin down is rising early. Even if all of the successful people do it, doesn’t make it any easier. And let’s face it, you’re fighting against many barriers – from your internal dialogue reasoning that you really could benefit from 15 more minutes of shut-eye, to that gross feeling as you potter around the too-cold house.

We’ve put together a list of tips to help you finally reach your goal of becoming an early riser. Whether you want to wake up at 5am or just not after midday, choose the tips that work for you and apply them until you see some change. Check them out in the video below, or scroll for a quick and easy summary of everything we chat about!

To start with, it can be helpful to understand how rising early is a positive change for you.


  • Increased Productivity: You’re giving yourself extra uninterrupted time in the day to get things done, relax, or engage in a hobby.
  • Feeling Energised: Instead of sleeping in you’re using up more hours in the day to be active! This is going to increase your energy levels.
  • Improved Sleep Quality: By being more active, you’re tiring yourself out, which will help you fall asleep at night!


  • Accept How You Feel When You Wake Up: It’s okay to feel groggy and tired! This is completely normal. This feeling will slowly ease as you get used to your routine.
  • Shift Your Mindset: Don’t focus on how you’ll get out of bed when the alarm goes off – focus on what you’ll do to wake yourself up AFTER you get out of bed! Try splashing your face with cold water or standing outside for a few minutes.
  • Put Your Phone in Another Room: This means that you have to physically get up to turn off that annoying alarm. You can also try a novelty alarm, such as one that requires you to chase it or shoot a target!
  • Give Yourself a Fun Reason to Wake Up: We tend to jump out of bed earlier and easier when something fun or exciting is happening. Try to create a situation where you’re looking forward to something in the morning. This could be a yummy breakfast item that you’re craving or a new product for your morning shower.
  • Don’t Overwhelm Your Mornings: Prioritise what you want to do in the morning otherwise you run the risk of overwhelming yourself. This could result in getting anxious about getting out of bed, which could lead you to sleep in as an avoidance strategy.
  • Reflect on Why You’re Waking Up Early: Try to avoid feeling as though this routine is a chore. Remind yourself why you’re doing it!
  • Gradually Wake Up Earlier: There’s no sense in jumping from waking up at 9am to 5am – gradually set your alarm back 30 minutes each day to ease into it!
  • Just Start– Don’t wait for that ‘perfect’ day because life is full of random inconveniences!


We’ve popped all of these benefits and tips into a handy PDF that you can hang up on your wall for that daily reminder of why rising early is so beneficial to your productivity levels and overall success.

Comment below what your Number One struggle is waking up as early as you’d like. If you’ve got this habit down pat, share your tips and tricks!


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