The Top 3 Reasons You’re Not Reaching Your Resolutions

The Top 3 Reasons You’re Not Reaching Your Resolutions

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Reaching New Year’s Resolutions is hard. You’re more likely to hear your friends talk about what they haven’t been able to achieve than the opposite. It’s like each year starts out as optimistic as you imagine, but goes downhill about a week in when you realise you’re not making progress.

It’s super difficult to change who we are, even if we know these changes are for the best. This doesn’t stop us wanting to make positive adjustments. But it does leave us feeling increasingly hopeless.

We’ve identified the Top 3 reasons why you’re not reaching your 2021 resolutions only a week into the new year.

If you want quick solutions, watch our video summary of what you can do. For even more ideas and a bonus reason, keep reading.


not reaching resolutions reason 1

If you have a track record of not reaching your resolutions, you might feel like the amount of effort spent on goal achievement won’t be worth the results you’re used to.

Lacking confidence in achieving something new, something you’re not used to, is normal. You haven’t changed your self-perception yet, because you’re not 100% sure you can be who you so deeply want to be.


There’s a reason why you set your specific resolutions. Get in touch with this inner desire.

  • Maybe you want to lose 5kg so you can be in a healthy BMI range and lessen your chances of long-term health implications.
  • Maybe you want to write every day so you can finally put something out into the world that you created and know will resonate.
  • Maybe you want to put some money away each week so you can buy a luxury item without credit or guilt.

Only you can decide why you want something so badly that you’re willing to set goals to achieve it. For each resolution want to reach in 2021, figure out what your why is, write it down, and put it somewhere visible so you won’t forget about it.

If you feel like you need to take a step back and learn the ins and outs of staying productive to get you back to reaching your resolutions, read our post on everything you need to know to master productivity.


not reaching resolutions reason 2

When something isn’t a habit, it requires constant attention. If your brain is working super hard to turn one of your resolutions into a daily habit, imagine how hard it must be reaching for three resolutions, or more!

If you’re setting yourself too many resolutions, you’re putting way too much pressure on your brain to work at a level it can’t. You’re setting yourself up for failure.


You need to scale back how many goals you have for the year.

  • Look at your list and see if any goals can be collapsed into one theme word. For example, if you want to eat more greens and run a 5k by the end of the year, your overall theme word for those resolutions can be HEALTH. This way it feels like your brain is focusing on one thing, but taking small, staggered steps to get there.
  • Set yourself a challenge of redirecting all your resolutions to fit one big overarching goal. For example, if your overarching goal is to improve your mindset, you can still have health, financial, and productivity goals – just make them work towards enhancing, not taking away from, an improved mindset.


not reaching resolutions reason 3

If you struggle to stay consistent, this will automatically feed in to the other two reasons for failed resolutions – you’ll doubt that you can be trusted to get things done, and you’ll start feeling overwhelmed by all the pressure that’s building up.

You need to implement tactics that will allow you to tick boxes and see progress, however small.


The jury is out on how long it takes to form a habit, but it seems to range from two to six weeks. Whatever the length of time, the good news is that time will pass – and quickly, too – before your habits are ingrained and you’ve improved yourself.

Try some of these strategies to help you track your habits:


not reaching resolutions reason 4

If you’ve been setting the same resolutions year in and out, this section’s for you.

You might be in need of a fresh perspective on what you truly want, deep down.

Meditation is the go-to – sitting quietly for long enough that your brain has no choice but to tell you what it’s thinking about. The problem though is this: meditation is SO. HARD. And for a lot of people, too boring to become its own habit.


See this strategy as something fun to try if you haven’t before. What art and tarot therapy involves is looking at various images, and just reflecting on them, and what stands out to you. It’s a clever, low-stakes way for your brain to form connections and ideas without the pressure of keeping mentally silent for an hour at a time.

  • Go to an art gallery (an online one, even!) or grab a deck of tarot cards.
  • Start looking through the imagery you come across, and focus on it without putting any pressure on yourself to make connections.
  • See what stands out to you, and take notes.
  • Move through various images.
  • Look at your notes and see if anything stands out, or if notes can be linked up.
  • Reflect on if any of your notes or thoughts reveal to you what you’re valuing right now, or what you really want to work on or achieve in the coming year.

Here’s a great video running through an art therapy process, and one on Tarot. Carve out 30 minutes to an hour one day this week and have a go! You have nothing to lose, and will get insights even if they don’t directly translate to identifiable goals.


To help you restart your Resolution achieving, we’ve put together a worksheet bundle that you can re-use across the year – it contains three worksheets on goal- and value-setting, and a troubleshooting worksheet for any Resolutions that refuse to budge.


Best of luck with your 2021 Resolutions. Remember, above all else: Failure is a part of success. You need to stumble so that you’re prepared for future obstacles. See everything as part of progressing towards your goals, and take down as many notes as you need to for accountability. If you’re checking in frequently on your goals, you give yourself the opportunity to reflect on your behaviour, solve any problems, and pivot if you need to.

Let us know in the comments below if you’re struggling with your Resolutions, and we promise to get back to you with our thoughts!


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