Hey there. We’re Brooke and Candy, the sister duo behind Productive Penguins.

productive penguins about us

Do any of these sound familiar?

  • Wanting to achieve your goals but lacking the stamina
  • Self-doubt and worrying about your future
  • Dissatisfaction with modern life
  • Overwhelmed by the friction between your deepest dreams and the harshness of reality
  • Wanting to find the secret to happiness

If you’re someone who wants the tools of modern life without the time drain, we’re here to help.


Productive Penguins was born out of a shared desire to create a wholesome, inspirational space for creative, fun-loving, and goal-driven young people.

As millennial women, we know what it’s like to have distant memories of long days that seemed to stretch on forever, without devices at the ready to distract us from boredom.

We know that young people are at a constant crossroads – you’re at the prime age to go after your dream life, but you also want to have fun and stay connected.

We create online written and video content that inspires and empowers you to lead enthusiastic, opportunity-rich lives that allow you to achieve your goals.

Growing up, we always enjoyed creating content with the household video camera. We became princesses, talk-show hosts, and Olsen Twin impersonators.

Channelling our inner television stars.

We get pure joy out of indulging our creativity and hacking our way to fuller lives. This takes balancing actively moving towards our goals with having a lot of fun along the way. It also takes knowing exactly what to reduce and eliminate in our lives to carve out more time for what truly matters.

Picture this: you wake up one morning, and there’s no phone in sight. No notifications begging you to take a look at a random newsletter you have no interest in reading. No artificial colours or sounds taking you away from the peace and calm of reality. Instead, you move about your clean, uncluttered house, eat a fresh and hearty breakfast, go for a walk with a pep in your step and real, natural air in your lungs, and are ready for the day.

Our mission is to give you every single tool you need to give you more control over your time and mindset, and finally pursue the things you truly care about.


Join the Parade. Become a Productive Penguin, catch up on the latest episodes, check out our resources, and get inspired and empowered to make the most of your life!



I’m a 28-year-old writer, editor, and teacher obsessed with all things tea, tarot, and escape rooms. I’m also a fur-mama to my cat, Dante.

Since I was sixteen, I have been obsessed with getting my hands on the classic self-improvement books.

Now that I’m older, this has extended to any sort of lifestyle content that helps me better myself and design my days for maximum health, happiness, and motivation.

My life’s goal is to use my creativity, experience, and the communication skills I’ve developed as a teacher to empower others to reach their goals and embrace their true selves.


I’m a 23-year-old Psychology major who loves travelling, collecting Old Hollywood memorabilia, and hunting ghosts in the many haunted Melbourne landmarks.

Aradale Aslym in Ararat, Victoria

As an artist, I like to take inspiration from the world around me, using it to create beautiful things.

My life goals are to try absolutely everything, stay inspired no matter what, and never stop creating. I also want to indulge my flair for helping others, reaching as far and wide as I can.

Productive Penguins is just one way I’m able to fulfil this purpose.

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